Member Compass Overview


Member Compass is your new online profile and access point for all things IAIA membership and registration. Check out descriptions of each tab below. (Need help logging in? Check out this post.)

Regardless of member type, status, or organizational connection, all logged-in users will be able to see:

  • Dashboard showing membership status and quick links
  • Your personal profile information
  • Your transaction history and receipts

Current members will also have access to the Members-Only Content menu. There you will find:

  • Searchable member directory
  • IAPA access link for full articles
  • Professional Success webinar series recordings
  • IAIA Hub Member Community access link
  • Other members-only content

Note that only individuals can login to Member Compass. This means that primary contacts have been identified for all corporate and affiliate members. The individual primary contact and billing contact for current corporate and affiliate members have full member access as listed above PLUS management access to the organization's account, which allows them to:

  • View and edit the company profile under the "Company" tab in Member Compass
  • View and pay transactions for the company
  • Manage the people list for the company, including managing the complimentary individual memberships (see "About Seats" below), management access, etc.
  • Your transaction history and receipts

DASHBOARD Tab: The first page you see upon login. See your membership status, any outstanding invoices, upcoming events, and more.

PAY BALANCE Tab: See open transactions that have been billed to you. Primary/billing contacts for companies will also be able to see open balances for their company and related employees. You can select Full Balance, Overdue Balance, or choose from Specific Invoices. For payment, you can use a previously saved Credit/Debit Card or add a new card. You can also sign up for Auto-Pay for membership renewals in the Payment box. (And if you need to opt-out of Auto-Pay, you can do so in the Payment Methods tab.)

ACCOUNT HISTORY Tab: View past transactions, pay open invoices, or print transactions in bulk. Transactions are sorted in order of open invoices that are due. Use the "sort by" tool to sort by balance, who was billed, transaction date, due date, status, and total. The transaction status appears in the right-hand corner of the transaction space.

MY EVENTS Tab: See any upcoming events you are registered for, as well as events you registered for in the past. For past events, you can see if you have been marked as "Attended."

MY ORDERS Tab: If you have purchased an order or subscription, you can find all related info here, including subscription details for paper copies of IAPA. Primary/Billing contacts will also be able to see orders and subscriptions billed to their parent company.

PROFILE Tab: All individuals can edit their profile information, such as contact information and custom fields. For data cleanliness & security reasons, individuals must contact IAIA HQ to change their first or last name.

LOGIN & PASSWORD Tab: See your main Contact Email and Login Email, and edit your login email and password. Note that you must know your current password to make these changes.

PAYMENT METHODS Tab: You can add, update, or delete saved credit cards. If you previously opted-in to use your card to Auto-Pay Membership Renewals, you can opt-out in this tab, too. 

COMPANY Tab: This section allows users with company privileges to edit company information such as contact info and custom field information. You will not be able to edit the company's name.
PEOPLE Tab: Here, users with company privileges can add and remove names from the company's People list. They can also assign open seats to individuals to self-manage their own member benefits. 
About seats: Corporate memberships receive complimentary individual memberships, or seats, as a benefit (see #1 below). Those seats can be assigned to any individual in the system who has the corporate member name listed as the individual's Organization. Click on the People tab to do this -- you will find options under the Member Status column (see #2 below). Primary/billing contacts can manage this aspect of the membership, or you can contact for assistance. 
You can assign seats by clicking the "+" symbol next to the person's name in the People tab under the Member Status column (the individual will then show a checkmark and is considered "inheriting" benefits). You can remove seats by clicking "Unassign seat" in the Action column (on the right of the individual's name row). You can remove an individual from your company list entirely by clicking "Remove person" - use this to remove people that have left the company. You can re-assign a seat by first unassigning one individual and adding it to another in the People tab list. 
If an individual is labeled "prospect" or "current," it means they already have a membership type on their record. In some cases, this person could still be assigned a seat -- you will just need to reach out to to do this on your behalf.